New Facebook Group

The SKAT Publications Committee, chaired by James Evans and Danielle Giffort, is rolling out a new format for our social media presence on Facebook.

Currently, we have a “Page” where Publications Committee members Dan Morrison and Kelly Underman post content for members to review. However, we think it’s better to include all SKAT members in the fun, and are thus transitioning to a “Group” page that allows all members of the group to post to the page with light moderation. We will have moderators who monitor content for obvious scams, sales on Ray-Ban sunglasses, and other content that is truly outside the scope of SKAT scholarship, teaching, and service.

What does this mean for you?

Please go to the new page and join! We cannot easily transition all our Facebook Page “Likes” to members of the group, so each SKAT member who wishes to be connected must take action.