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About Us

We are a section of the American Sociological Association, and our purpose is to promote scholarly research and professional activity in relation to the sociology of science, knowledge, and technology. As of 2015, our section has 621 members. We began as a “section-in-formation” in 1987 and then became a full section the following year.

The SKAT section organizes sessions at the ASA annual meeting, selects and presents awards for books and articles in our field, organizes mentoring activities, publishes three newsletters per year, and communicates with our members about relevant events, activities, and opportunities.

ASA-SKAT Section Officers 2016-2017

Chair Alondra Nelson, Columbia University and SSRC (2019)
Chair-Elect Laurel Smith-Doerr, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2019)
Past Chair Scott Frickel, Brown University (2019)
Secretary-Treasurer Claire Laurier Decoteau, University of Illinois, Chicago (2019)

Section Council
Ruha Benjamin, Princeton University (2018)
Catherine Bliss, University of California, San Francisco (2018)
Anthony (Tony) Hatch, Wesleyan University (2019)
Tim O’Brien, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (2020)
Jennifer Singh, Georgia Institute of Technology (2019)
Janet Vertesi, Princeton University (2020)

Student Representatives:
Melanie (Mel) Jeske, University of California, San Francisco (2019)
Alka Menon, Northwestern University (2018)

Mentoring Committee:
Anthony (Tony) Hatch, Wesleyan University
Alondra Nelson, Columbia University and SSRC
Melanie (Mel) Jeske, University of California, San Francisco

Communications Committee:
Jennifer Singh, co-chair, Georgia Institute of Technology
Anthony (Tony) Hatch, co-chair, Wesleyan University
Madeleine Pape, Social Media Coordinator, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Alka Menon, Northwestern University

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