2022-2023 Committees

  • Larry Au, The City College of New York,, Chair
  • Nicole Foti, University of California, San Francisco
  • Zheng Fu, Columbia University
  • Cristian Morales, Boston University
Merton Book Prize
Star-Nelkin Paper Prize
Hacker-Mullins Student Paper Prize
Anti-Racism in SKAT (selects winners of the Emancipatory Practice and Duster-Wells Prizes as well as continue to identify ways to advance anti-racism in and through SKAT)
ASA Public Engagement Liaison (help ASA with press asks relevant to SKAT)
  • Kelly Joyce, Drexel University,

SKAT Committees for 2020-2021

Nominations Committee:
Aaron Panofsky (committee chair)
Alondra Nelson (ex oficio)

Membership Committee:
Joanna Kempner (chair)
Madeline Pape
Alex Hanna

Mentoring Committee:
Alka Menon (committee chair)
Danielle Giffort
Mel Jeske

Communications Committee:
Kate Darling (chair)
Shiv Issar (social media)
Joris Gjata (newsletter editor)
Jeremiah Morelock (webmaster)

Merton Book Award Committee:
Owen Whooley (chair)
John Parker
Cal Garrett
Ethel Mickey
Shobita Parthasarathy

Star-Nelkin Article Award Committee:
Alka Menon (chair)
Renee Shelby
Jimi Adams
Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra
Alexandra Vinson

Hacker-Mullins Student Paper Award Committee:
Diana Graizbord (chair)
Grant Shoffstall
Shiri Noy
Yu Tao
Tyler Walton

Martine Lappe (chair)
Alka Menon
Tim Sacco

Public Engagement/Liaison Committee:
Patrick Grzanka