SKAT kicks off its first ever Membership Drive!

Starting August 20, SKAT is kicking off its first ever Membership Drive! We are aiming to drive our section numbers up over the 600 mark and make a real splash at ASA. For every additional member we find and sign up, we stand to benefit from more sessions, more conference activities, and opportunities to hold joint events with other sections. So take the time this week and next to make sure your membership dues are up to date, encourage your colleagues to join us, or gift a membership to your students. Now is the time to make a difference for SKAT next year and into the future.
Here’s how you can help:
1) Already a member? Make sure your section dues are paid and up to date by clicking here:
2) Not a member? Have friends and colleagues who should be? Click and forward this link — — to add SKAT to your section roster. And email the link to your friends and colleagues who you’d like to see join us in the section.
3) Did you know you can gift memberships to graduate students? Go to to sign your students up for a future with our section. Note that they must already be a member of the ASA and a graduate student to benefit from this gift and reduced rate.
And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@asa_skat) and Facebook and retweet and like our posts! This will help us to spread the word during ASA and 4S this year.
And with that, let the membership drive begin!
— The SKAT Membership Committee

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