New Publications from Section Members (2022-2023)

The following are new publications submitted by ASA SKAT Section members to be included in the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 newsletters. Please feel free to reach out to us ( to be included on this list. See also our New Books Q&A series where we conduct interviews with recent authors.

New Articles
  • Larry Au, Cristian Capotescu, Gil Eyal, and Gabrielle Finestone. 2022. “Long covid and medical gaslighting: Dismissal, delayed diagnosis, and deferred treatment”. SSM – Qualitative Research in Health 2: 100167.
  • David J. Hess and Kaelee Belletto. “Knowledge Conflicts: The Strategic Use and Effects of Expertise in Social Movements.” Sociological Inquiry (2022). Oct. 5.
  • Steve G. Hoffman, Kelly Joyce, Sharla Alegria, Susan Bell, Taylor M. Cruz, Safiya Noble, Benjamin Shestakofsky and Laurel Smith-Doerr. 2022. “Five Big Ideas About Artificial Intelligence.” Contexts: Sociology for the Public. 21(3): 8-15.
  • Shiv Issar. 2022. “Walking simulators and an ethics of care: An essay.” Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds 14(3): 313-330.
  • Julien Larregue and Mathias Wullum Nielsen. 2023. “Knowledge Hierarchies and Gender Disparities in Social Science Funding”. Sociology (OnlineFirst).
  • Dasom Lee and David J. Hess. 2022. “Public Concerns and Connected and Automated Vehicles: Safety, Privacy, and Security.” Humanities and Social Sciences Communications (Springer Nature), 9: article #90. Special issue “The Politics of Autonomous Vehicles,” edited by Jack Stilgoe and Milos Mladenovic.
  • Jeffrey W. Lockhart, Molly M. King, and Christin Munsch. 2023. “Name-based demographic inference and the unequal distribution of misrecognition”. Nature Human Behavior.
  • Stephanie Medley-Rath. 2022. “How Do Sociologists Know What They Know? An Examination of Sociology Textbooks for Evidence of Sociological and Scientific Thinking”. Socius 8.
  • Daniel A. Menchik. 2022. “Automating Expert Labor in Medicine: What Are the Questions?” American Behavioral Scientist, OnlineFirst.
  • Torin Monahan and Jill A. Fisher. 2023. “Partnering Through It: Confronting the Institutional Challenges Facing Dual-Career Academic Couples”. Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering 29 (3): 87–101.
  • Andrew Nelson, Callen Anthony, and Mary Tripsas. 2023. “If I Could Turn Back Time”: Occupational Dynamics, Technology Trajectories, and the Reemergence of the Analog Music Synthesizer”. Administrative Science Quarterly (OnlineFirst).
  • Michael W. Raphael. 2022. “Artificial intelligence and the situational rationality of diagnosis: Human problem-solving and the artifacts of health and medicine”. Sociology Compass 16(11): e13047.
  • Robin W. Scheffler and Natalie B. Aviles. 2022. “State planning, cancer vaccine infrastructure, and the origins of the oncogene hypothesis.” Social Studies of Science 52(2): 174-198.
  • Ryan T. Trahan and David J. Hess. 2022. “Will Power be Local? The Role of Local Power Organizations in Energy Transition Acceleration.” Technological Forecasting and Social Change 183: 121884
  • Kelly Underman. 2022. “The Social Transmission of Bodily Knowledge”. Body & Society 28(3): 30-62.
  • Kelly Underman, Merlin Kochunilathil, Lauren McLean, & Alexandra H. Vinson. 2022. “Online student culture as site for negotiating assessment in medical education”. Social Science & Medicine 310: 115270.
New Books

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